1 The Lands of Turnberry              

2 WWI Airfield                                 

3 WWI Airmen                                 

4 WWI Aircraft                                 

5 WWI Training                                                

6 WWI Accidents                            

7 WWI Memorial                            

8 Inter War Period                           

9 WWII Airfield                                 

10 WWII Airmen                               

11 WWII Aircraft                               

12 WWII Training                              

13 WWII Accidents                          

14 WWII Memorial                          

15 Post War Period                         





Turnberry Airfield

Margaret Morrell

978 1 911043 09 6

£30.00        576pp       Cased PPC

Black and white photographs


The existence of Turnberry Airfield has been largely forgotten, eclipsed by the world-famous hotel and golf course. However, the story of wartime Turnberry and its vital importance in the frontline of British military aviation is something that must not be forgotten, and it has been extensively researched by Margaret Morrell, who has devoted many years to collecting and recording the tales and memories of the people who came to the airfield during both world wars.

With a wealth of previously unpublished accounts and illustrated with personal photographs from air and ground crew, pilots, mechanics, and of course the local inhabitants who made these young men from all corners of the Commonwealth most welcome, this book is a detailed history of the airfield and the people. The documentary evidence has been enriched by cherished recollections of a time and a place now disappeared. The personal records make this book the most comprehensive collection of Turnberry tales ever compiled, one that will no doubt become the standard work on the airfield for years to come. Margaret Morrell’s book forms a fascinating tribute to those men who came to Turnberry, covering the hazards, horrors, and thrills of training in the art of aerial warfare over the golf courses.