Titles out of Print


At times, some of our titles may go out of print. In some cases we will reprint, depending on demand, or else publish a new edition.

The titles shown are out of print, or else have been replaced with a new edition.

The History of Auchinleck - Village and Parish

Dane Love

978 0 9518128 0 7

£15.00         Cased         Black & White Photos     Maps


This title has been replaced with a new, expanded edition. The new book contains 50% more writing and has been brought up to date.


The New Edition can be accessed here.

Ayrshire Echoes

John Kellie


232 pp



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Used copies may be available through Amazon.

A Look Back at Cumnock

Dane Love

978 0 9567550 0 1

Paperback 80 pp

Black and White Photographs


Used copies may be available through Amazon.