Pollock Perfect Potato Digger

Rick Lifter

Pollock: Agricultural Implement Makers 1867-2017

Jimmy McGhee

978 1 911043 04 1


Hardback, 200 pages

Photographs, line drawings, engravings and maps.


In 1867, Andrew Pollock opened the Implement Works at Cowgatehead in Mauchline, and rapidly gained reputation for manufacturing high quality innovative implements. His sudden death in 1904 was a huge blow to the company, with neither of Andrew's sons, Andrew and William, old enough to take over the business. The management were good enough to continue the business on behalf of the family, until Andrew and William were trained to run the company.

In 1916, a new factory was built in Station Road, Mauchline, under the name of A. & W. Pollock, with William Pollock's son then joining the business in the 1960's, making him the last Pollock family engineer to own the company, with a further name change to John Pollock (Mauchline) Ltd in 1980. John Pollock brought his own success to the company, selling over 1,000 of his well-known Byre Cleaning Systems in Japan.

In 1967 Jimmy McGhee joined A. & W. Pollock as an apprentice agricultural engineer, progressing to the drawing office and then as salesman, leaving Jimmy as the perfect candidate to take over the company, renamed again as Pollock Farm Equipment in 1998, upon John Pollock's retirement.

This detailed history of the company and its products is richly illustrated with numerous photographs and etchings, which will be of considerable interest to all who have connections with farming, or are interested in agricultural history.