The Covenanters of the Glenkens

David S. Bartholomew

978 1 911043 23 2


Paperback, 210 pages

Colour and Black & White illustrations, 2 maps



In The Covenanters of the Glenkens, Rev Dr David Bartholomew gives a detailed account of many of the Covenanters associated with the parishes in central Kirkcudbrightshire, which

were at the heart of support for the Covenanting movement in seventeenth century Scotland and which suffered greatly in the latter half of that century when the king and the political leadership of the country sought to suppress that movement and impose the Episcopalian system of church government on the people. In this book the writer explores the historical context of those days and introduces us to some of the inspiring, though often tragic, stories from those times, offering us a window into the world of the people of that day.